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With our years of experience in the wedding industry, we will help you every step of the way in planning for an elegant, fun & memorable wedding reception! The clients we work with really put a high priority on their entertainment and realize the importance of hiring a professional company like deejaylist verses taking a chance on a bargain DJ.

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Just as there’s an art to DJing, there’s an art to setting a mood with lighting. Have you ever been to an event that could have been great but the lights were just terrible?  Nothing kills a vibe like cheap fluorescents.  Which is why we always recommend adding event lighting to any DJ package.   You wouldn’t want party lighting and disco at a more serious event. And a hype reception can’t have boring music and relaxing lighting. All events need the right lighting. That’s something we’ve learned through creating thousands of celebrations. It’s safe to say we’ve gotten mood crafting down to a science. we offer some amazing customized lighting options for your wedding and save the hassle of working with multiple companies – we do it all!


Pinspot lighting is great for shining down onto tables to highlight the floral centerpieces, cakes or other decor. These lights shine a very narrow beam of light to make floral centerpieces or cakes stand out in a dark room without flooding the room with light


Washing a room with mood lights/up-lighting is great for creating an elegant atmosphere during dinner or adding energy to a room during dancing. These lights are placed around a room on the floor and positioned to shine up onto walls or columns to wash the room with the color of your choice.


Imagine you and your fiance’s custom monogram on the wall or dance floor using lighting! We can shine it anywhere to add a personalized touch to your wedding reception using a special light fixture.


Dance floor lighting will take your celebration to the next level! This unit includes computer-controlled “intelligent” lights and can be programmed to scan the dance floor and come in a rainbow of colors. They can also remain stationary during dinner time to create a classy atmosphere.